How It Works

You can loadyour phone account (SVA) by using the midlet or USSD application downloaded into your phone. You can load your phone account by following the instructions at the back of each top-up card.

With your stored valued account (SVA) you can:

  1. Stored-Value-Accounts (SVA) –Save money into your mobile phone to enable you make mobile payments in Merchant locations.

  2. Check balance: Check your current balances on your SVA using the midlet or USSD applications

  3. Change Secret PIN: Change your secret PIN to protect your account balances and prevent un-authorised access to your account.

  4. Change Passphrase: Change your passphrase (memorable word) for security purposes

  5. Mini statement: See a log of the last 5 transactions on your SVA

  6. Person-to-Person funds transfer: Transfer value from the current balance in your SVA to another SVA (phone number) regardless of the mobile network the recipient is on either to pay for products and services or a simple funds transfer.

  7. QuickSave – Transfer value from your current balance in your SVA to any bank account using the moneybox midlet or USSD application.


    • Airtime Top-up – Top-up your air-time and make payment from the stored value in your SVA. You can also top-up a 3rd party phone regardless of the Mobil network of the 3rd party.

    • Bill Payment – Pay bills ( PHCN, CABLE TV, TAXES, SHOPPINGS e.t.c) using your phone. Transfer value from your SVA to a registered biller using the merchant’s biller code.

    • ATM Cash-out – Withdraw cash from your SVA via the ATM by transferring value into our Pre-paid ATM cards. This way you do not have to depend on a human agent (HTM).

    • HTM® Cash-out – Withdraw cash from your SVA through our registered Agents all over Nigeria.