• Register as a merchant to accept mobile payment services from moneybox subscribers.  Over 1500 merchant locations registered in the Lagos area that operates both as discount centers and mobile payment outlets.

    Benefits to you:

      • 1. Effective cash management in your outlets
      • 2. Better cash security for your outlets as there shall be less cash available in your outlets and offices
      • 3. Easier accounting and audit trail as all purchase credits/transactions are traceable on your personal console link from the switch
      • 4. Customer loyalty scheme at no cost to you
      • 5. Opportunity to earn additional income from airtime sales and card load services
      • 6. Free advertisement in our catalogue/flyers etc.
      • 7. Increased traffic to your outlets without increase in your marketing/advertising cost
      • 8. Increased float to you as a result of increased turnover

    1. Download the MoneyBoxMidlet , Click on etisalat logo for etisalat users and click on moneybox for other subscribers